I wasn’t sure whether to write this one or not without coming across as being a whiny little bitch. But then sod it, it’s my page and I can whine if I want to.

One of the things I miss about being on the road, is birthdays. Mostly other peoples, but sometimes mine. Because working on the road, you miss them. You’ll forget that it’s come around again, that you’re another year older, and the grey in your hair is more noticeable and possibly migrating to your face, and the wrinkles don’t disappear when you stop smiling any more.

I miss birthday drinks. Mostly other people’s, again, but sometimes mine. This year I went out to eat two days before my birthday because that was my day off that week. Had a great meal, and a couple glasses of wine, but it would have been better to sit around a teppanyaki with a bunch of mates, or grab beers with people after they finish work. And it’s a great time to catch up with people. As we all get older and slightly less social (through choice, obligation, or a bit of both) the times between seeing people, even when you live in the same town as them, get longer. It’s easier to stay home, and not put pants on.

Birthdays give a purpose to putting on pants, I guess.

Several years ago, I took my birthday off facebook. Mostly because I had a hundred notifications, and 90% of them were from people I almost never speak to. It felt fake; contrived, phone-in friendships.

But now I use facebook for keeping in touch with people. It’s how I get most of my news about their lives. And maybe it isn’t the worst thing to do, to be reminded on that one day a year that there are people around the world, who would actually come out for a pint if you were near them… or at least seriously consider putting on pants.

Maybe next year I’ll put it up there, assuming I’ll be in a hotel room somewhere and away from the people I love, care about, or want to mooch free drinks off. And maybe next year I’ll start actually wishing people a happy birthday on facebook.

Actually, next year is 40. I think I’m supposed to have a big destination party according to a deal I made with several members of the family. Only got 11 and a half months, should probably start planning…

(oh, and for those of you keeping score, I wrote every day this week, almost 3k words. Baby steps).